Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Essentials

What would you need?

Fruit of the Loom 6-Pack Undies! $10 - Amazon

My favorite: Gilligan & O'Malley $16.99 - Target

A comfy T: Bamboo/Organic Cotton Silkscreened $28.00 - Etsy

Gauchos! $14.50 - Old Navy

Comfy but cute, Malindi maryjane flats $19.99 - Crocs

Sturdy/Big ass bag, Burlap Bag - Cannelle in Burgundy Colour $102 - Etsy

Comfy but pretty dress, I'm a traveller...Smoke gray cotton (fit all sizes) $39.00 - Etsy

Something sentimental, Green Beaded Elephant Stretch Bracelet $15.00 - Etsy

Memory keeper, Wee Chunky Book $25.00 - Etsy

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stress Relievers

I apologize for the delay in posts.  Who am I apologizing to?? I don't even know if anyone reads this stuff, haha.  But anyways, in light of my new stressful and time consuming job, I've decided to post stress relievers! Yaaayyy...hope you find something that can help you "calm it down".

Amazon $7.77 Awesome journal that tells you to do different things with the book, like drop it off the side of a building or rip out a page and burn it. Hehe..

Etsy $30.00 How beautiful the fabric is. Warming pillow and Lavender Cooling Eye Pillow.

Etsy $15.00 I'm in love with the color of the beads!!  Native American bracelet to promote emotional balance and charity.

Etsy $39.00 There's just something about a big 'ol comfy dress that calms me.  One size fits all, love it.

Check out a Jellyfish Exhibit at any of the following Aquariums: Monterey Bay, Long Beach, New York!  They're everywhere! :)

Etsy $70.00 Go arts and crafts crazy!  Isn't the wooden caddy beautiful?

Etsy $13.99 Go for a walk! What a steal for some hand-made shoes!  Click on link for more colors.

Michael's craft store, Price varies with location.  My most favorite idea: go to the thrift store and stock up on ceramic dishes/mugs/anything of varying colors.  Put ceramics in a large pillow case and take a hammer to it (instant stress relief). Use adhesive to glue pieces together to make fabulous art.  

That's all folks.  Have a lovely day...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's a brand new year! I'm superstitious like that and feel like something super cool or unusual will happen on special dates like 1/1/11.  And what's great is, this year, the chances are higher!  We've got 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, and 11/11/11!  The last one's gonna be a doozy! haha

In celebration of the new year, I've posted items that are new to me and have never seen before.  Hope they're new to you too! Enjoy...

EnergyDrawings - Color Therapy Energy LED Egg - $8.80

That is so funny! 
timor, handmade cloth doll - $35.00

I bet, being made out of burlap, it's super sturdy and will last forever! :)
SeasonsTotes, burlap and wool bird purse - $36.00

I looooove this.  I have a keychain made of this stuff, but I've never seen it in rug formation! Must be super cozy on your toes.
Crafttasticparties, YUMMI Round Felt Rug 140cm - $399.99

thatfunkyboutique, custom made ruffle rose pillow - $42.00

Cool! Cute name too, haha.
AngelaIngrams, tea drinker's sidekick - $25.00

I love Bette Midler!
BootsNGus, Vintage Vinyl Record Album 1973 - $5.50

Holy shit, I love this!
BootsNGus, Custom Ordered Mason Jar Light - $22.00

Sooo cutteeeeee, bundt cake lights!
BootsNGus, Bundt Cake Flower Light - $30.00

A happy new year to all - full of good health, successes, and unconditional love.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

In light of all the pouring rain in Southern California, which is very unusual, I've looked up some very cool "rainy"-anything stuff.  Have a look!

Love love these booties for gardening or rain!  
RegretableTypo, Vintage Kelly Green Moccasin-Style Rain Shoes, Size 7 - $32.00

taylorseclectic, River Drops Bubble Earrings in Turquoise and Teal - $25.00

irenesuchocki, I love Walking In the Rain, impressionist fine art photograph - $30.00

Sooooooo cute!
lauraballiedesigns, it's raining again gold earrings - $10.00

NewMoonCrochet, Honney Yellow Mug/Cup Cozy - $15.00

ohhellofriend, antique brass umbrella necklace - $20.00

kerenasaf, wild thing golden rainy cloud pendant - $39.00

ThoseAlaskanGirls, solid maroon boot liners - $18.00

Ah well, so my blog has turned into Etsy's #1 fan.  Whatever, at least I'm helping out the little people!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


See why the thrift store is so awesome?  Because you find surprises like this.

Via PostSecret - i was at goodwill this morning with my mother looking at a coat when I saw this message inside. it touched me and i thought about it the rest of the day - with my mom. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I love elephants!!!

Etsy, Elephant Necklace - $26.00

Etsy, Elephant Necklace w/ Vintage Jade Green Plastic and Brass - $28.00

Etsy, Laptop Sleeve Orange Elephants - $34.50

Etsy, Macbook Elephant Decal - $9.99

Etsy, "Our Book Club" 5x7 Archival Print - $8.00

Etsy, Carved Elephant Ring - $10.00

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Goodwill in Arcadia, Las Tunas Drive

On my commute home, there's a huge Goodwill store.  I've been eyeing it for the past couple months, however unable to stop because I'm too exhausted from work and just want to head home.  Tonight, on the other hand, I stopped and boy did I find some good stuff!

The only thing I purchased was a pair of Campers! for my mom (size 37 - wish I could fit them!).  Came home and googled it.  They're called "Campers for Asia",  I'm guessing they're specifically designed for Camper locations in Asia?  Anyways, they were listed on Endless.com for original price $119.00 and on sale for $65.00!  SCORE! I only paid $14.99.

Some other things I really wanted, but didn't get:

How cool are these!?  I can imagine someone like Jude Law or Johnny Depp dropping these off at the Goodwill.  Ya ya?? haha...

I looooooove retro luggage.  This was only $14.99 and looked like it had never been used.  Super clean on the inside - light pink interior. 

Thought this was super funny. I should've got it - only $4.99

I really really wanted this, but the film wind-up thing was broken.  It's an authentic Nikon camera, made in Japan.  It was $39.99.  Not sure how much it would've cost me to repair the wind-up part so I didn't get it.  Maybe I'll do some research and see if it's worth it.

Yay! for thrift store browsing.  

In response to a previous comment about being unsure if people want this "skill" of finding goodies at thrift stores....  I suppose it is a skill and I'm not saying it's something people want or need, but I've been complimented many, many times on being able to find great things at second hand stores.  Just sharing the love on my blog now, tis all.  You might think this is all a buncha junk, but to me - it's totally worth it when I get complimented on my latest thrift store purchase and I'm able to brag about how cheap it was.  

Every picture I posted on this specific blog, I could have probably found on the Urban Outfitters website for 3x's the price, marked with a tag that reads "Urban Renewal".  =/   Thoughts?